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Friday, September 13, 2013

PBS is a Killer?

 Hey Guys! Whats up?

Hey as know guys know nowdays, the high schooler have some system
called "PBS"  right?  Kay straight to the point, I am a high schooler too, so I think
this system is a "eyesore"  But well yeah we know our limit as "student"

We can just sit and do nothing. Thats is the best way for now, we just need to prepare
sometimes our teachers just came in the class and say  "We got a test today"  
Well that will be some kind of disaster if we don't do any preparation, but  for 
someone that always make a preparation, "a test" is just nothing for them. I admit it too
when i am still in year 6 , a test mean nothing for me, for me it just a excersice, but not 
like nowdays..

When teacher say there is a test I will be the one who will be the one who's in trauma
(-..-)  haha, 

Sometimes I heard that next year there will be no PBS and what ever.. I don't want to know about it anymore.. I just want to let the time flow... I hope you guys do the same thing too..
Just get ready, if there is a test so you guys can just go on. Not like me.. (-..-)  

Well, I will try harder too. 


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