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Friday, October 18, 2013


Hello readers. As you guys read this entry I am already at my hostel. Lol, what do you think? I have gone to another world? I am not that stupid. Lol.

Todays entry is about.. Hmm  what is it huh..
I don't really know what to write in this entry. But, maybe I going to tell you how I live my live at the hostel. I always feel bored, you know why?  Because I have to worry for many things. Especially for TIME. I always worry about time. 

We have to pantual all the time, but, hey sometimes it maybe great. Its kind of cool to be punctual. Lately, I always go jog for fit with my friend. Lol, its great. Because I always stress out lately. There are so many annoying people at my school, thats why I become stress out. 

So, jogging is my only option to let go all of my stress. 

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