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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hello and Hi to everyone  =)

First of all . 
Its not been so long since I start writing my entry in English right? I start to write in English because my sis always say, "You need to improve your english, don't be like my friend. She ask me what is silly, and I just want to say, SILLY IS LIKE YOU."  For me, I would have agree if she want to say that to her friend. Lol, JK . Well she took a wise choice not to say it. Bravo sis.

Second thing .
I want to apologize to anyone if I have hurt your feeling without noticing. Sometimes, I just say what I like. Hehe, maybe I have to change that attitude. And.. sometimes, without noticing, I have said some harsh word. Wow, thats the biggest problem. Err.. I really want to apologize if I have said or do something stupid. Deep inside my heart. I really regret it. Sometimes, if my childish behaviour have come. . . I can be so stupid at that time. So, If you're not comfortable with me, just say it quickly. Especially to my friends or anyone. hehe. 

Third thing .
These day I have been assign to do some WORK. Yeahh, this is what we call responsibility. Haha, well, maybe I can be annoying sometimes. Hey, everyone can be annoying kay.. Lol, I need to settle it quick because I don't want to trouble myself in the other days. Wow, I really have a selfish attitude. Well, whatever, because it is for my own good. 

P/S: I just do a flying kick a while ago ! BRAVO to myself. Lol  flying kick+double kick is awesome!

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