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Friday, November 1, 2013


Hello and Hai  =)

Did people normally think a SOCIALIZATION is good? Or is it bad?
I am quite a loner sometimes . IDK why . . . . .

I can write THINGS like this. But I can't speak it out loud. I just . . . CAN'T k?
Is it a LACK OF CONFIDENCE or what?  I don't know, I just don't know . . .
Yeah I know I am weird . Oh yeah, I just read something interesting . Wanna know?

"Don't look back and say HAI to your past but, look ahead and say HELLO to your future."

Whoaa, nice phrase. LOVE IT!

I tried to forget something, but I can't . (maybe it because I said too much I CAN'T)  I'll try my best next time. I really really hope I can forget that past. 

"PAST is past. Start a new."

Damn it . . . .  Well I usually a loner since before . . I've put so much effort to CHANGE! Then , I have hurt my own feeling . . .  I don't want to be like this . . Its making me MAD . . .  Maybe it is my own fault . . . 

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