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Friday, November 22, 2013


Hi and hello (bello)

Doing well lately? Good if yes. Well, did you ever felt so lonely? Or should I say. . The feeling to be left out? 

Btw, I always felt that way. . . Hmm
Ahh man, I am too hungry to talk about it right now. Oh whatever. 
Or sometimes, when you are at home, do ever felt bored because doing the same thing everyday. Or because you are alone without any of your sibling? And I am quite sure the answer is yes. Haha . 

Whenever you feel down or don't have confident, always remember your beloved family that are waiting and have faith in you. So with that, I guess you can do your best. But sometimes, there's something that you have to let go. Life is full of sacrifice. Remember that. So, whatever situation that you having, for sure you have to sacrifice. Times, money, life (do u think this a drama?! Well just joking) haha, thats what we call sacrife. 

Btw, to my dearest friend, HEROGA a.k.a KATU. Hahaha!! Life is short, so try to make some beautiful memmories in that short time. It is too short to regret even a thing. So take the challenge and move on! Ganbatte ! U can do it old man! Geez ,

Thats it for now.

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