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Friday, November 15, 2013


Hai and hello (bello!)

I want to talk about trusting someone. 
Hmmm, it is kind of hard for me to trust people. Especially for the guys. Maybe it is because of my trauma? Well who knows... hmmm.. it is an old story, I don't want to brag about it. 

It is a natural fact, when we trust someone, and when that someone betrayed us, we will be very careful when telling something to that someone. Well as for me, I will be like that, but I don't know what other think. Whatever, this is my life, I've my own way of thinking. Maybe it is sound annoying, but, it is a fact. 

Other thing is , running away from problem, as for today, I just did that stupid thing. And I got what I deserve. Omedetou to myself. Clap clap. Running from some problem doesn't solve anything. But you need courage to face that problem. If you don't have courage, you will just be like me. Running away means nothing. No, it mean you are coward. And I AM A COWARD. I know it. I'll try my best tomorrow. All the best luck for me. *sigh*

FYI, I am not happy right now. Thank you.

I will get back to my old self. Just give some times to think what game should I play. Lol. I will get back to my old self after I play a MMORPG game. Trust me. Not all gamers are lazy. Just some of them. They've their own way to deal with their life, so what!? Don't ever badmouthing a gamer in front of me! I will really kick ur ass then! Lol. No joke. I need to be as busy as a beever to forget a person who doesn't appreciate me. Whatever, there are many other people who need me in this world. If u don't want me to get mad at u, go play outside the square. Don't even appear in front of my eyes. I hate it.

It will be good if life is that simple. But there will be no adventure at all. 

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