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Friday, November 29, 2013


Hai and Hello (bello)

I really don't want to write this kind of post, but, I don't know where else I can write my problems. AAH!!! I really want to scream as loud as I can while I am writing. But, that's impossible. This is really driving me crazy. Guess what? I really frustrated to see one of my friend answer in the, originally, I don't know what the hell is . Well, I am not lucky enough to see this kind of question and answer.

By the way, I think I should say my thank to this friend, because of her, I've come back to my sense. What sense? The sense that I have no right to be friendly with the boy or man. Ok , if that what you want. I can make it possible. Because that what I originally was. Don't ask why if I become my old self. If this continues, I will never be able to believe in anyone. If this kind of situation continues, I will always lock myself in my own world. And there will be nobody can change it anymore.

Maybe there's something is wrong that I've done. I am so sorry if I have not as friendly as usual. Because I am in a prosses called 'THINKING'  So many things happen lately. I had no time to reflect my own self. These event I've been through is really making me frustrated, and right now, I really have a very complicated and mixed feeling. Like, should I say? or should I not? If I say, this might touched someone feelings. Or, what the most thing I fear is. When I say it, I just get a very short and unreasonable answer. That will make me really down. So, after taking so much time thinking about other people feeling, I've made up my mind, they don't think about my feeling so why should I care about their feeling? Well, its not that simple, I just want to have a simple life. I don't want too make many haters. So, on second thought, I shall not say my own feeling clearly, just keep that feeling own my own. Maybe I will share those feeling with someone who is trustworthy?

Wow, I am overthinking. Btw, haha here some funny story.
Yesterday, I went to some place with my friends, originally, there were just two of them, but then someone ask me if he can join ? Haha, seriously, it is my very first experience xD btw, thank you so much! haha :3 I really want to kick this man when we eat 'one shot' sushi, but, thats fun. I will try with my brother next time! Haha xD

#NP: overboard-JB

Which one is me to you? (Hahaha xD)

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