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Friday, December 13, 2013

2 IN 1

Hai and Hello(bello)
Doing good? Good if yes.

It has been a long time since I shared something interesting and useful. So as for today, I want to share some of the girl's facts. Some of it I found on the the internet, and some of it I just figure it out myself. Well honestly, girls easily fall in love with someone. Even they just meet that someone(I think boys will be like this too, so it means everybody). Not all of them, just few? Maybe? And for the boys/men out there, I really hope that you don't promise something you can't fulfill. Because girls will remember that promise. They will remember it well enough. And recently one of my friend remind me, "you can't hate someone, it's not good. Don't hate someone, just ignore them if you don't like."  I will always remember it, Insha Allah. Thanks for that advice. Well people may think us arrogant. But, to me, its better that way then we torture our own feeling just to make someone feel comfortable with us. Right? (Lol can you feel the seriousness in this post? Haha)

Well, lets end this talk, tired already.
Recently, our society slowly begin to change. Did you guys ever noticed? Of course . Btw, there are many hackers right now, so be careful not to be tricked. I really love to talk about trust. Telling a secret is easy but keeping secrect is not easy. That's a natural fact.

"Trust is like an eraser, it get smaller and smaller after every mistakes."

Agree with that quote? I guess this is the end. Again some nice words from me. Always think positive, because negative impression always be a excuses to achieve something.

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