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Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hai and Hello (bello)

Get your eyes ready this post gonna be a really long post. lol. Anyways, kids under 13 y/o are prohibited to read (No, just kidding) .

Asslamualaikum :) 
Every year, new things come and gone. You have to get ready to loss something in your life, whether something precious or not. I don't quite remember what I lost for this year, but I guess I lost many things -_- And every year, only 7 days sakura will bloom. Eh? (Garnier) 

Seriously, I learnt many things in 2013, and one of it is FRIENDSHIP . Lol why I use caps lock? Ohnoo (Satoshi)  it hurt my head to remember what happened this year -_-  tbh, in one whole year, there will be sometimes you will goes down and sometimes you will goes up. Right? Sometimes bored to death and sometimes you got your hands full with many things. Make life easy, (but people around you will make it difficult) Right? (but sometimes, the fault is on ourself, act, it always come from ourself, hehe..) When you do mistakes, say sorry . When people say sorry accept it. Make a fair play. ok?

Hating Love Lesson. Don't love someone more than you love yourself and your family. Eh? hahaha . When someone from heaven fall for you, catch her, if you don't have any intention to catch don't make her fall. Don't even look at her. Sometimes, girls are dangerous (SORRY! not all, a few) They've a weak heart and easily fall. (Maybe I am not one of them... Eh?) AND! attention to the girls(Whoever that knows me) I really don't intend to fight with my friend just for a guy. Well, it was so immatured. Come on, if you want to take him, just take him and get out of my sight. Easy ? Eh?! -_-  Well, if you don't want to get out of my sight, its ok, I'll close my eyes. Lol (macam mana nak main game!?) kidding. Never gonna do that. It doesn't concern me, so what do I care? HAHAHA *Evil laugh*

Another lesson, when you dreaming of something, don't dreamt too high, it might hurt you. Keep some of it in your imagination. Someone said to me, "Its ok to hope something"  But, I don't want to -_- hoping make me waiting, so I better not. keh3 . Another lesson, time is very important, don't waste it just because you got nothing better to do, spend your time wisely. The time you've used, never goes to you back, I am quite sure you guys aware with that. lol.

I learnt new thing, KEYBOARD WORRIOR! Heyy, everyone in social network are keyboard worrior. Why? this is my wise opinion. lol. Well, I am a keyboard worrior too. See what I am doing? I am typing.. (No you didn't see me) If I am not a keyboard worrior, I will speak face to face. Not just giving advice or express my feeling here. (urgh) Because what? To me worrior is someone who is always said and fight for the right thing. hehe. Well, Yaey! I am a worrior! banzai!

Btw, "keeps the fun going" (revive) To my friends! Good luck for PMR/PBSMR (idk which one) Lets make our parents happy not proud. (tak elok berbangga, tapi bersyukur dan happy!)  Well, Lets recall something.
"I will treasure this moment, and I hope you do the same"  (Sorry if I am not mistaken) As I remember, I didn't response for that right? Here my response.

"I really want to say the same thing, but I am afraid. Well, I will buddy :)"

Lesson after lesson, if you want to forget someone , you have to follow these rules:

1. Don't mention her/his name
2. Don't read anything regarding that person
3. Keep your intention firm!

Lol, even you've forget that person, memories won't fade right. Eh? -_-"

I am sorry when writing this, I am not really in a good condition, so, If any typing error or whatever. Please accept my apology for that. -_-  Welcome back to school! Haha . I really have a nice holiday this year ^_^ How bout you guys? Peace yo! Bye!

Stay cool and select another plan! hahah! Wish me luck, xoxo H :) Publish (Istanbul aku datang)lol

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