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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hi and Hello(bello)
Doing good ? Good if yes.

As for today I want to share something, not really important actually, but it is about myself. (Haha) originally I want to write a post about my dream, but on second thought, I better not, because the dream was to complicated.  So I choose not to write about it. Haha. The story is about to begin(haha).

Prepare a box of tissue, because this is a sad life story. Kahkahkah. First of all, this shitty thing called PBS, I really hate it, you know what, I love English language, really love it. But, as I am not a really a talkative person at school, I don't have much fame among the teachers. Well, I don't really care bout that at first, but now I know, people with those fame can do anything in band. This is not a lie, it happen in front of my eyes. It is called School Cast. (Act, it doesn't exist,  kih3) yeah people may not talk about school cast, but this shitty thing formed without our knowing. Whatever you do to prevent it, it going to happen someday, it is natural, and I accept it as it does. There will be a gap between this student and that student. Life, so its normal, don't be shock bout it, I don't believe in happy ending. This is not an anime or a drama. This is reality. Sometimes, reality doesn't not as good as we thought. Back to the main discussion.

That day, When my english teacher select the Band 6 student (yeaaahh the blessed one) I remember every word that she utter. I remember it clearly. No, I am not mad at my english teacher. I respect her. It just, she doesn't choose me for the band 6 student make me feel worse. Guess what? That was the first time ever in my lifetime (until now) that I ever cried for my studies. Honestly, I never cried before. Lol, but there's no other students know execpt my friend(who sit besides me) and FIVE. (Wuhuhuhu). I cried a lot. The tears just won't stop going down my pretty cheeks(lol, pretend u don't read it. Haha) hmm, that friend of mine, tell me not to cry, she said "its ok Hane, you still have your Japanese language! You can show them you worth it." (English ver.) Lol. I just can nod that time. Wuuwuu I've pretty weak heart huh? Know it. Haha. Honestly, depth in my heart, I never blame that teacher. Ekekeke. My english teachers from my primary school and my english teacher in secondary school, were all cool. Thank you for teaching me, and now I can speak english whenever I want. Keh3 and that teacher who teached me on my year 6 who made me loves idiom. Thank you, may god bless you.

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