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Monday, December 9, 2013


Hai and Hello (bello)
Doing good lately? Good if yes.

I have exactly wake up from my long dream, and I started to face the reality once again. I always say that  "I don't want to care or I don't want to bother to know"  But, in the end, I still bother myself to know (crazy fella. haha) . I just don't really show that I care. But, in reality I really care (lol). Ahh whatever, because I am tired showing so much affection to someone before this (well, I am being ignore actually. Haha don't laugh! Only me who can laugh to this fact. lol) . Ahh man what past is past, don't wanna remember it :P  haha .

Take your past as an experience and challenge for you to move on and make a better future. (Lol, enough with this dramatical saying. I am dried out of idea already)

Please, don't think like that. If you guys ever think like that it will be a pain in the ass ya know. btw, I am some kind of human that do work (useless thing) all in once example : 

Someone: Hey hane, what're you doing?
Me         : Tweeting+Chatting+Watching dramas+Playing game+Listening to songs+Whatsapp

But, I always make my whatsapp and chatting as my priority (useless thing) . I don't act stupid, but if I really don't know the answer I will ask. Thats not an acting. I seriously don't know, but if you don't want to give the answer, I will "Okk"  Thats mean I don't want to bother asking for the second time (but maybe I will ask again if I have times. Haha) Well , I am quite a moody one, so sorry, need to change that attitude ASAP. 

I always said that "No I am not mad at you" Because when someone say "I am sorry" That will be more than enough actually. Believe it, forgiving is beautiful.
(But don't purposely make mistakes, I will really kill you then. Haha joke :P No it's reality. Haha RH)

Thank you to all my LAMPS. LOL >.<

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