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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hai and hello (bello)

Hey there, doing good lately? Good if yes.

First of all, I really want to apologize for my post recently. I was too over emotional that time (well, IDK  how many times I want to apologize for that. Haha)  ok back to the main subject. What is actually the main subject?  I don't even know it myself. Btw, maybe I am taking over my Sims trait - over emotional trait-

Ok, back to the main subject.

Translation: O Allah, protect me from hell fire.

Okayy, done reading? Next oneee  ^__^

I hope you guys can recite these doa everyday . Make it as a part of your life . Lets start repent our sins now, as for the youngster, you still doesn't have many responsibilities for now, so, kill most of your time on the prayer mat. (reminder for me too. hehe) 

Please forgive all my wrongdoing. 

we BREATH the same air, 
we STANDING on the same planet,
we LIVING under the same sky,
so, why hating each other? 
stop hating, start forgiving ^__^

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