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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hai and hello (bello)

Hey there . This post will not be a sad post. I guarantee it. Btw, welcome back my old self. I really miss you. Why you go away for a quite some times? Hmm . I am weird and I know it. Act, I have change since I entered high school, thats why many people think I am good and easy to forgive others. Thats not the real me. Its not that I pretend to be good all this time, it just, I think that kind attitude I must change it someday. But, as I start to change it, what I see is, people always make me mad and then apologize to me. What do you think I am?! A living machine?! Huh. Ok, now enough observing . The devil inside will be awaken in no time. Thank you.

I thank you very much. Well yeah. Just one of my friend that really know me. She have know me since year 6. What important now is, I want to make it clear, I don't like anyone for the time being. So don't easily make an assumption that I like you. Its make me want to kill you. Seriously, kbye. And what else I should make clear, hmm, no I will not be one of your hater. I want to be like tsuna, I want to be a good friend, not a hater. Ok? Good if you understand.

Hahaha, maybe some people do think that I always living in my own world. Maybe. Haha. Go ahead, think whatever you want, I don't care at all. You have the right to think whatever you want.

One more thing, if you once my friend, you will forever be my friend. And I hope my friend are all trustworthy. I want to be like shibata taketora that always trust people that are trustworthy. Hmm, life is not as simple as that. *sigh

More, The biggest problem I ever encounter is , when I made a mistakes, then I start to blame others for my mistakes. Then, I start to blame myself all over again. It will be an endless regret. Seriously, I just happen to realize it. And, right now, I am kind of speechless . I don't know what else should I say. It happen too drastic. Too confused right now. What should I do? :-(

FYI, I am a bit happy right now. Because I have let all my feeling out. Ngahahaha

In additon, I would like to apologize to you because, I have let all my anger out towards you. Huahuahuahua. So sorry, now I realize that human always make mistakes. So, we, as a human being too, should accept that apologize. Hontouni sumimasendeshita  T___T
If you want to say or ask me something, just ask or say it directly. I will feel better that way. huahuahua (actually, I should do the same thing. Hahaha) Sorry too shy. hahaha xD (can somebody shot me? xD)

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