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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Hai and Hello (Bello)

We got reason for everything we did. You can also make up reason to protect yourself. So, in this case, there too many people who make up reason or stories to save themselves. Other will ask,  "Whats the point on making up stories?!"  Easy the point is, to save neither themselves nor others. Right? I don't think there will be someone who're really  'brilliant'  to deceive someone else just for fun. No, ok no one will do that. And, I have my very reason for doing this post. Some hidden reasons or reasons we can see through. Two types of reasons. You're a great pyscho (or maybe you're born to have a really sharp sixth sense. hehehe)  if you can discover someone hidden intention.  

You know what? This post had already out of topic. Ahaks. 

And ohh, don't be so poyos to be a gentleman like  "I leave you because I want you to be happy"  Guys, thats so old fashioned. Do what you think that will make you very happy  (Well yeah, life is a race, there will be ups and down)  As long you still on the right way (Jalan yang benar) . And wait! I'm not done writing yet. 

Why? Why and why? I agree with the saying  "People never appreciate what they get"  Yup, even myself. And you guys. Actually, sometimes, we're not satisfied with just a small matter. We're the reason that matter get bigger. (Same goes as baruah :-P)  Look what I've done, I just getting things bigger when writing that (IDC hehehe)  Sokay. Even when we get someone attention, after that we still want that person attention, and when things doesn't go like you want, you start getting mad (Hmmm sounds like me) Andddd it will become a problem. See the point? Everything have it reason, and that reason is yerself   :-P  (Hehehehe)

I admit. I'm exactly what I write. You know why I write? You want to know why I be a keyboard worrior? (Well at least, I don't say any harsh word here. Just here . Keh3)

I have my own reason why I write, and why I don't just do a public speaking or what so ever. Get the point? ehehehe. 


Lastly, if you got anything to ask or what so ever, just leave a comment or ask me at (This will be great act, you can be anonymous) Hahaha, well Happy holiday all (Too late maybe? Whatever) And yes ofcourse, if you want to suggest any hot topic, also leave some comment. See you againnndesuu!! :) 

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