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Monday, March 24, 2014


Hai and Hello (bello)

Yooo Ssup all.
A special post for a special day. (hahaha)  for those who like to read my post , thank you so much . Well, as you (whoever know me) know I'm such a shy person. (lewls) I've been missing something since last year. I don't know either. I'm missing someone. Haha

I easily got jealous over something so small.
I have a really bad temper.

Oh gosh, see how bad I'm. Haha . I tried to be understanding. I tried to think positively. Well, you're a grown-up , our way of thinking are not same at all. (really? ok whatever)  I think you're childish. Lewls. Btw, if you saw something unpleasent like that picture and even an unpleasent comments etc. I'm sorry I don't have such power to stop their lousy action. Or maybe you don't mind? (Ok, whatever)  Well, I don't know whether you know me well enough or not. And I don't know what do you think of me. Well, tbh, I'm not to aware of these things at first. Then my friend remind me  "Don't feel so great coz he act like he don't care what you do to him"  Ohh I'm speechless. Starting that time, I'm always curious,  "Ohh maybe he think me as an eyesore, or blablabla". It just, I really felt guilty sometimes. (why guilty? coz they make me as their  'bahan'  and you got involved into this childish matter.  Maybe you say  "Oh I don't mind"  but seriously you don't mind? Emm... We can't read someone's mind. Emm..

Oh man, why I write these.

And our last conversation is on 27/12  (Lulz almost 3 month eh?) Oh wait, we still have twitter and whatsapp. ohooo I forgot.

Well, I think you know that I always give a negative thought on something. I really want to say,  "Heyy ssup morning,"  to all my friend , but, somethings seems not right. I started thinking negatively. (hehehe)  As I started saying good morning to all my fellow friends. some of them gave no response at all and some of them gave a positive answer. And just one of my friend, his mom answer it for him. Waww.. so rare. Well, I'm a bit ashame of myself so I didn't reply. Hehehe..

Btw, this post just gonna be a draft. I'm not gonna post it as I consider this as my diary. (no way! I'll post it! This is a birthday present to myself.)

P/s; I really hope to be a great daughter, student and friend for the rest of my live. To my friend, rosso(not a real name) I'm sorry for yesterday incident, I still haven't got the chance to apologize properly, so consider this as proper. Hahaha. Uhkuwahufillah.

Happy birthday to myself and I really hope for that guy to wish me. But, k he didn't want so, why force? K goodbye and aloha peeps! Have a nice Monday!
I'm just so crazy to wish my own birthday. Hahaha

xoxo H  :)

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