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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hai and Hello (bello)

How's life?  :)
How's life of your family?  :)
How's life of your friends?  :)
How's life of your crush?  :)

I love testing people, so, I often being tested. And everything right now is just too stressfull. Everything, everything and everything. Sometimes, I wonder, why things are like this? And why things are like that? Why, why and why?  So many question without answer. What should I do? Sometimes when I'm at the craziest stage. Everything can be the point to make me laugh. Either it was people attitude or any events happening to me.

Instead of looking for trouble I rather choose to be a silencer. No need to worries a lot, no need to push myself when the hardest stage come, no need to blame myself for what had happened, no need to face the fear of facing people.

The sooner I realize, the more I can't prevent it from happening. Thats a hypothesis. Recently I realize, its not so great to be a leader of something. Chairman of blablablabla or chairwoman of blablablabla. Difficult. Thats the only best word that I can utter. Oh please, gimme a break! I'll be stir crazy if I only staying in the hostel doing nothing. Passing a great amount of times doing something useless. All my effort were useless. All my brilliant ideas were useless. Oh man what a dilemma. With someone from my class called The-Only-Jemah-Guy in the class a.k.a You Know Who. Everyday he pissed me off. OH! If only I had a muscle I'm sure I've punch him on the face! And yet when I think over it, I better not.

Thats why I said, I HATE CHAEBOL! I really have a bad perception towards CHAEBOL . True Story.

Some question deserve to remain question,
people deserve the best answer for every question.

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