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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dignity That You Protected

Hi and hello(bello)

As usual, the topic will be about life.
It will be a lie if you say you never felt unsatisfied with someone in your life. Maybe you will never felt that as you're not a human. lol. You can even get mad after a small thing, we, as a human, knows how to lie better than anything else. Lie is a person profession. Same goes as the motivater. It doesn't bring any meaning at all. All motivater are just doing their job. All adults do that. Just doing their job. As the human being. Its not that I looked down on anyone. It just, did they really have to turn the story upside down? Do they have to? Im not pointing at anybody, Im just randomize.

"Its because of you, I've sacrife my holiday!"
"I won't give you blessing!"
"You stupid brat! Not gonna succeed in your life!"

Go on, continue cursing us. We happy you do that. When you're really sincere in doing something, that person you're doing for will realize your sincerity. Trust me. This is not just a mere inspirational words. Do your job with a dignity. Then you will get a pile, no a dozen of trust. Its not NAIVE its PURE.

Im not saying that Im always perfect, sometimes, we as a normal human being, always forgot. And we need someone who always guide us to the right direction. It called friend.

The saying  "You are what you read"  is in the same concept in friendship. When you looked at your friend, without noticing, they do have same attitude as yours. You will never realize that unless you always reflect yourself, asking yourself  "Why Im like this, Why Im like that?"  I started realize things this year. The friends you treasured the most will never be at your side when you're in a pinch. Maybe that's my get back as I will do the same without noticing. And for that Im sorry. Im truly sorry. Thats why I prefer alone, Im not gonna hurt anyone, and I never get hurt. Always in a safe mood made me insecure.

The one that you never know, might always be there for you. Thats why, I don't trust word. I trust action. Actions make everything as clear as a chrystal. Im not being rebellious, Im just letting go some of my pain that I carry along my lifetime. If Im not letting it go, That might cause depression on me. As I don't want it to become more and more bigger in the future. Hmm.. Maybe you can say Im such a child or a crybaby, no you wrong, even a grown-ups might suffer from emotional depression too.

I think I should stop here, the longer I wrote the more I write nonsense things. I should stop, stop for a time being, or forever. The situation is really dense. Until next time, maido ari.

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