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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Safe And Sound

Hai and Hello (bello)

Be the best out of the best is everyone's goal. My goal, your goal, his goal, her goal (and blablabla)
World nowadays not as forgiving as we thought. Anything can happen, so get your physical and mental ready for any consequences. 

Andddd, reminder to parent out there, beware of your child safety. We don't want unimaginable things happen to your child. Yes, its still dangerous for a girl in her 20 to walk alone, no I meant, yes its still dangerous to those who walking alone (especially for the girl/women/grandmother/or the mother herself) lol. We can't ever predict what will happen. Never, (unless you're the one in Gu Book Family who can read fortune and blablabla. lol jk)  

Thats why, its a nice thing to not let your daughter go wandering around alone (unless there's an emergency or what so ever)  Therefore, we have to learn self defence a.k.a martial art (not a black magic. lol. Not linked at all) #MAPOTI

"Be a good girl you always have to be, conceal don't feel don't let them know, well now they know!!"
"Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore."  #MAPOTI

OK man, this is a serious matter, no jokes.  "I'm not that helpless"  -Suzy in Gu Book Family #MAPOTI

For the guys out there,
please (pleading) be more considerate and don't call girl fat.  "Nah, it will too much."  -Ryan higa from dragonball trailer.  #MAPOTI

Last thing last,
Safety first, and you will be just SAFE AND SOUND  :>  In Shaa Allah. 

Xoxo, NFL  

Still remember who is that? SAO no hero! Kirito-kun :>

Wooohoooo!! One of my fave character! Ok this is self defence. HEHEHEHE

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