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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Role as a Citizen of Earth

Hi and Hello (bello)

In the vast universe, we were born on this planet called Earth, where various cultures and ethnicities, all living things, and all of nature exist together. However, in our world today, we face numerous problems, environmental destruction, resource depletion, wars and conflicts, poverty, and many more that make our future uncertain.

What is the best role we should make?

With just one or two people playing their role as a citizen of Earth, it may not making any change towards our beloved Earth. But, its not possible for the other to play their role too. Nowadays, we really got our hands full of our daily routine, so we don't really have time to think about our environment. The best role we should make is not throwing rubbish anywhere we want. I think we could find so many garbage can a.k.a dustbin. Anywhere you go, you can find it. So, why being so stubborn and still throwing your rubbish anywhere you want. Yes, we might have workers that will take that rubbish for you, but the point is, you're not playing your role as citizen of Earth. Whatever you are, doctor, lawyer, police, social worker, etc, you should not throw rubbish anywhere you want. Your action describing what you are. Please beware.

What if the role of superheroes?

Superheroes? Like marvel? Wall-E? That day when everything are helpless and you will 
come and save the world! Well such a high imaginary. Its up to you if you want to think like that. Usually, kids will think of this way. It will not be so right if a grown-ups thinking this way.

we need to start now before its too late 

P/s: Lets watch Black Butler at cinema this 12 June, you will regret if you didn't watch it! :)

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Dunia Impian said...

Save our earth...
The city must change become a forest again...