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Friday, June 20, 2014

Watermelon Is My Priority

Andddd hiiii, I've waited for a long time to make this post. Really excited to death  (#3#)

First of all lets serve our eyes with sometingg gooddd 

Gosh, look so delicious!!
Why dont we have some first? Go get some if this thing is in your fridge right now. Deliciouss very very deliciousss. Love it sooo muchh.

There're 10 facts about watermelon I want to share here

1. It keeps your body hydrated
2. It keeps renal healthy
3. It helps in losing weight (oh gosh oh goshhh!! Because it low in calories)
4. Increase brain power
5. It let your skin glow
6. It protect from UV rays (Should have some cream from watermelon after this! lol)
7. Protection against cancer
8. Solves vision problems
9. Cures heart problem
10. Protection against infection

Well after this when you're mad with someone try to sit down and grab some watermelon, surely you will forget about that asshole and felt like in seventh heaven. 

Ohh hawaii im coming for youu~

Watermelon is lot of use. You can make watermelon juice too. But I prefer to have the solid one. (#3#) And ah! watermelon is full of antioxidants. So eat watermelon while you can.       

I guess thats all for today post, have a nice weekend all and adios! cio cio! :)

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