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Friday, August 1, 2014


Andd back to business (even though I will sitting for trial next week maybe) well, you guys know Kenshin Himura? I bet "Oh, I heard that name somewhere but not so sure"  or something like that huh. Here's some clue

Oh my godnesssss soooo handsomeeee  *melting*
To be honest (tbh) this character suits him well. Its a superb! For those who like action movie or something like samurai, you better watch this. Its a must watch movie! (as for me . lol)  Figure out the tittle yet?


And today the second movie is release. But, I know this movie not gonna airing in Malaysia, so I just wait for the free one. And I think One Ok Rock's song will be the second movie ost. 

The tittle also known as Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno/The Legends End. Oh myyy watching the trailer giving me goosebump. Don't die Kenshinnn *crying*  

This is the heroine for this movie kawaii neee  *3*
At the first movie she can be catogorized as a brave maiden, despite her cuteness she fight for justice even with a wooden sword. I owe you much Kaoru-donoo *crying*  Well tbh, I always misspelled her name as Kouru, hahahahaha how uncool. 

I bet you guys have watched the anime (or maybe not) 
The director of this movie is OTOMO KEISHI . It really look impossible to make this kind of movie but it worth. And I bet the Kenshin lovers are thankful to this director for making Kenshin a real human being. hahahaha (Im thankful too!)

As for the extra advice (lol) I suggest you to watch this type or this kind of movie because I think all Korean dramas nowadays is just so typical and boring =_='   Buttt! My perception towards Gu Family Book is different, it is not so typical (even though it is typical, but in the end the heroine dead!)  so it look a little different so... I like it. Back to business. Rurouni Kenshin deserve and applause! (banzaii banzai!!) 

The anime 

Banzai all! Selamat hari raya :) too late ke? hahahaha 

Sincerely with love and love,

xoxo  NFL

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