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Sunday, October 19, 2014


Assalammualaikum :)

Iam here today to make a summary about health and expenses
(does the two of them seems related? maybe a bit :3)

OKK now lets move on to the next stage,
I promise to myself that I will start cycling and jogging a bit serious after my PT3, and yeah I am really doing it now.

I eat and at the same time I do some outdoor activities. Balanced  maybe (lol)  I cycled with my father in the morning after my breakfast for about 30 minutes a.k.a 6 KM. and I do the same thing in evening.

At about 5.30 PM when I went cycling I saw a group of students (the age is around 15-17) maybe bcs I know one of them. Ok the moral of the story,

I think its better if you want to hang with your friends (Dude you have to socialize :in a good way ok, going to the mosque etc.)  will you please don't use your motorcycle and make a lot of 'cute noise' . I suggest you to use bicycle, thats better, it will make you healthy and at the same time it can cover up your expenses in buying petrol. Am I right? hehew :3

I think thats all for today, see you againdesu! ja matta  :) 


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