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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top 5 Anime

Haaa what time is it?!
"Anime timeee!!!"
This list is just based on myself lol

5. Sword Art Online II a.k.a (SAO II)

Seriousslyy I tell you guyss if you watch this animee, oh goshh you will definitely want to play an online gameee xD But the season 2 is a little boring and I pretty much dont like sinon (lol im so self-centered) Sinon just agh you know like want to seduce kirito and I was like  "Nooooo he have asuna-sannn"  in this season kirito will log into GGO (Gun Gale Online) and at the end of this season he will be in ALO . I like the season 1 more. srsly. ok nexttt

Sinonnnnn *angry* lol

4. Sword Art Online (Season 1)

Hmm this is a brilliant anime, log into the game called SAO then kirito and his friends stuck in the game and cant log out and blablabla. So in the game he met asuna wuhu . But sometimes things get a little boring, so i kinda skip some episode lol xD but sure you will not regret watching this. Give it a try xD

3. Noragami

Yeahh finallyy, this animee I just watched it recently, I know this from my sis recommendation, I dont want to talk about the synopsis, it is a hilarious show, the anime is pretty much not completed, so I suggest you to read the manga. Or just both xD

YATOOO xD sooo kacakk lol

2. Attack on titan a.k.a shingeki no kyojin

xD wuuhuu attack on titan is just ohemjii a reallyy fabulous animeee wuuu. I like the way they want to become strong andd gosh lol. The lead character is Eren, he lost his mother when he was a kid (idk how old is he that time). Not long after Eren being eaten by one of the titan, he suddenly became one. And that remain mystery until now, I dont read the manga, I just watch the anime lol. annddd next year they gonna release the moviee wohoooo and the one to play Eren role is Harumaa miuraaaa xD

1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn 

Of course this will be my firsttt ranked anime xD lol and i lovee lovee this series soo muuuchhh. It just, oh every otaku have to watch thiss, really you should watch. Yeah at the beginning or to be precise in the end as well, Tsuna (the boss) will always be lack of confidence and always  "hiii"  but he is a right boss. Kind, loving lol xD . This series pretty much have ended for awhile now, but I still watch the anime, again and again. Thanks to Akira Amano for writing such wonderful story xD 

xD Lafcha forever lol

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