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Friday, August 28, 2015


Hii Im back xD

I feel soooo excitedd to write this entry *_*
ok, below are the most popular question people always ask me.

Q:  How come you can speak Japanese fluently?
A: I've started learning japanese since I was 8 y/o hah!

Q: Single?
A: Yeap, since birth.

Q: R U happy with your life being single?
A: Why not?

Q: Why you like to watch anime so much?
A: My hobby, my priority *laugh*

Q: Come on why you tak layan 'him' loh?
A: Cus I dont want *laugh*

Q: Why you ni so memilih ah?
A: Thats not your problemo girl

Q: You tak kesian kat dia ke?

A: Why I should felt sorry for?

Q: You always main game, best sangat ke?
A: Sometimes. nah I dunno

Q: You ni , why you believe online people ah?
A: Then, why should I believe in you?

Q: Main game je, wasting your time loh!
A: Hey, you tengok malay dramas nangis nangis tak rasa cliche ka?      Dont you think it as a waste of  time too?

Q: You ni why you tak suka orang yang handsome-handsome?              takda taste betul.
A: Ermm pass.


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