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Friday, November 27, 2015


Hello and how are youuu >.<

First of all, goodluck to all spm candidates! Or maybe its too late? hehe sorry xD

As for today we gonna read abt POSITIVE THINKING. Yeaayyy!
Ok, positive thinking is not bad at all. Ok? You should lead your life with all positive thought n blablabla. Start your day with a positive thought. Inshaa Allah your day gonna be very beautiful  *.*

At some point maybe people will judge you "Why you always think positive eh? You know this will make you sad or blablabla" 

Yass thats right, positive thinking sometimes will lead you to a heartbroken situation or something like that. or eh. hehe

For example; 
When you text someone and they reply late or just give you bluetick. Think, maybe they're really busy at that time or whatever. Its better if you just dont give a f*** thinking about what they do or whatever. Because thinking abt that will lead you to overthink and you will become stress and your mood will be "kelaut"

You know what? erm sometimes when you always think positive yeah maybe sometimes just sometimes k you will be deceived. But i am not telling you to be stupid just think positive. Being positive and being a stupid is something really really different. Dont be mistaken about being positive and being a stupid. If you know someone is really lying to you. You shouldn't go around believing what they said. Don't be stupid. k just don't. If you know someone is lying to you, you should just, "lol, they don't know I know the truth heheh!" Or if you want to give an advice to that someone, just give it, but don't be too emotional over something. Just give an advice and its up to them to listen to you or nah. 

p/s: Eh but dont just go giving someone bluetick when they're talking something really important. Even a positive people will get mad at this point! haha!

Last but not least, dont go condemning someone with a positive mind. If you have a really negative mind thats ok, just live your own life lol xD 

To my dear friends; Five :*,suksesians, members, O.M.G,                     Badarians, my so-called-useless-virtual-husband                     xD

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