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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Review!

Hi there!

Here we go! 2k15 review!

First of all, Im a form 4 student this year so I don't think we can relax during our form 4 ((from my opinion lah!)) you better get ready for your SPM or nah . But well, we all knows that all-talk only xD I never study for real ((except for the final huhuhu)) oh btw, its really hard to get A for bahasa Melayu ya know thaatt xD awww tatabahasa so damn hard wargh!

Okk lets talk abt memories ~

Its all happening so fast that I can't predict and I really can't see it coming huhuhu xD everything was all right until idk maybe I had fight or maybe I got bored with this guy ((lol i do sound like a playgirl but nah!)) Not that I got bored but he really did pick a fight with me and duh~ I hate it so just I go with whatever~ and so huhuhu nah I don't really care cause he doesn't seems to care too tho xD

ahh I almost forgot the most important part, I lend him a story book. My fav book ya know! cause what? I want him to score A for his Englisshh huahuahua xD I said I help him out so I gave him the book lah xD and he did read the book for a whole year! ohh surprising. I just gave him one book, and that book act a kid's book xD hahaha. aw this guy so funny hahaa

next !!

I act played an online game called Eden Eternal right after my PT3, no act I continue from what I left before the exam xD hahaha. And I find this one person named his hero in that game as my fav anime char! xD ooooo I was so excited! idk I used to see that name everywhere but this one got my eyes on it. I swear hahaha!. But I just keep it, like nah whatever~ But then blablablabla then what?! Nope! not telling xD hahahah let me keep it just by myself heee.

And to my dear ahjushi! 
thank you for being a good friend and bro or eh hehe^^ 

And to my dear co-worker,!
Thank you for the nice photos and everything! its wonderful! I hope we can get it over with after our SPM  ^^

And to my dear FIVE!
Nano, Pinat, Rossy, Qila and me xD Thank you girls for the endless support and encouragements! keep the fight ! And nano, goodluck in SAMURA! ^^

And to my dear friends!
Doormates, deskmates, classmates! thanks thanks thanks so much thanks for making my 2k15 so beautiful! 

The most beautiful moment of this year I think when my Japanese Language Society went to JLFEST! omgg ! its so mesmerizing xD Truthfully, we not really a good friend or best friend or what, we just ordinary friend but well i dunno how to express it but its a good feeling that everyone coop during that event xD i luv it! so much! We just got the feeling to hold on to each other and support. hee~

Last but not least!

Happy new year to those who read this review and not forgetting my dear family, friends, FIVE, members, ahjushi, and my so-called-useless-husband! I don't mind if these guys didn't read this review cuz, ik im not that important ! xD hahahaha but I honestly want to share my thought here so I dont mind if they dont read xD 

I will cherish you everyone that come into my life ^^ 

Pray , pray , pray and pray. May Allah make our 2k16 more beautiful and meaningful . Amin ^^ 

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