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Thursday, December 1, 2016


Hello there ^^

I couldn't make any post for this year. lol. I wanted to stop writing already but, my heart says no. looool

I was busy with my SPM and so my wattpad. This year taught me a lot of lessssooonnn. haih.. good, bad, sad, terrifying memories. A year is just like a short time huh.

I can't believe Im not a high sch student anymore T__T 
tbh, I feel a little sad.. no more cute juniors TT______TT 
tbh, its hard to leave them TT_______TT (no more junior tht will give me ice cream,shouting my name like crazy guy lol, no more junior to say 'your spec is cute' lol)

I will miss kuroi-chan :D oneechan will alwys miss u dude hahahaha!

well well, life must go on I guess. SO, lets not dwell in the past. Focus, walk straight. 


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