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Friday, January 13, 2017


Well as you read this post some of you will labelled me as a relationship hater. Hmm its up to you to think what kind of person I am, since I am not interested in what you think so lets begin.

Ok, first of all, relationship is like what COUPLE? hmm ok. Confessing to someone that you actually love that person since when and when blablabla. Then, it turns out that that person is really into you too? Ok, you call that fate? Nope! That was because the other party is still single. So, will this relationship everlasting??! Fuck off I don't know. 

It totally up to those couple to either they want to keep their relationship or leave it hanging, or break up? 

The other thing I hate about some lovey-dovey couple that fucking forgetting who helped them be together like the shit they doing right now. That one we call dickhead. They tend to forget who was there with them when they go through their lonely and single day? wtf man?! I always pray for these type of couple, to break up. Not just a simple break up. I hope your so called soulmate cheat on you and fucking leave you. Ok?

What? You love your partner just because she/he just post something Islamic and don't mistreat his/her parent or friends in front of you? You just don't know man. You just don't know how scary the world are. Stop fucking living in your fantasy. Posting or sharing some Islamic quotes and post and having her/him to remind you to perform your solat every day doesn't make that you soulmate. The heck! And there you are, judging, those who said vulgar words are not your soulmate? DUDE FUCK OFF! Lets see? Are you that great for someone to be actually proud of your attitude and such? WHO ARE YOU? JUST WHO ARE YOU to say those? DIPSHIT 

What? We should be grateful that you are not hanging around like wasting your parent money and drink alcohol and toying with girls? Nice game! THOSE ARE JUST BULLSHIT. YOU KNOW BULLSHIT? I dont think that anyone should be grateful for that attitude of yours. Like come on? YOU ARE A REAL EYESORE. 

To be honest, I am totally in a bad mood right now so idk what the hell I am writing, so please forgive me. 

If those who read this, kinda got this type of friend, my advice is, tell them. Don't come to me when you break up, byebye. Then, don't ever talk to them anymore, bcs this kind of ppl make your world upside down. Just ignore them, don't block them, just ignore. 


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