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Thursday, December 1, 2016


Hello there ^^

I couldn't make any post for this year. lol. I wanted to stop writing already but, my heart says no. looool

I was busy with my SPM and so my wattpad. This year taught me a lot of lessssooonnn. haih.. good, bad, sad, terrifying memories. A year is just like a short time huh.

I can't believe Im not a high sch student anymore T__T 
tbh, I feel a little sad.. no more cute juniors TT______TT 
tbh, its hard to leave them TT_______TT (no more junior tht will give me ice cream,shouting my name like crazy guy lol, no more junior to say 'your spec is cute' lol)

I will miss kuroi-chan :D oneechan will alwys miss u dude hahahaha!

well well, life must go on I guess. SO, lets not dwell in the past. Focus, walk straight. 


#I choose the second one#

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Review!

Hi there!

Here we go! 2k15 review!

First of all, Im a form 4 student this year so I don't think we can relax during our form 4 ((from my opinion lah!)) you better get ready for your SPM or nah . But well, we all knows that all-talk only xD I never study for real ((except for the final huhuhu)) oh btw, its really hard to get A for bahasa Melayu ya know thaatt xD awww tatabahasa so damn hard wargh!

Okk lets talk abt memories ~

Its all happening so fast that I can't predict and I really can't see it coming huhuhu xD everything was all right until idk maybe I had fight or maybe I got bored with this guy ((lol i do sound like a playgirl but nah!)) Not that I got bored but he really did pick a fight with me and duh~ I hate it so just I go with whatever~ and so huhuhu nah I don't really care cause he doesn't seems to care too tho xD

ahh I almost forgot the most important part, I lend him a story book. My fav book ya know! cause what? I want him to score A for his Englisshh huahuahua xD I said I help him out so I gave him the book lah xD and he did read the book for a whole year! ohh surprising. I just gave him one book, and that book act a kid's book xD hahaha. aw this guy so funny hahaa

next !!

I act played an online game called Eden Eternal right after my PT3, no act I continue from what I left before the exam xD hahaha. And I find this one person named his hero in that game as my fav anime char! xD ooooo I was so excited! idk I used to see that name everywhere but this one got my eyes on it. I swear hahaha!. But I just keep it, like nah whatever~ But then blablablabla then what?! Nope! not telling xD hahahah let me keep it just by myself heee.

And to my dear ahjushi! 
thank you for being a good friend and bro or eh hehe^^ 

And to my dear co-worker,!
Thank you for the nice photos and everything! its wonderful! I hope we can get it over with after our SPM  ^^

And to my dear FIVE!
Nano, Pinat, Rossy, Qila and me xD Thank you girls for the endless support and encouragements! keep the fight ! And nano, goodluck in SAMURA! ^^

And to my dear friends!
Doormates, deskmates, classmates! thanks thanks thanks so much thanks for making my 2k15 so beautiful! 

The most beautiful moment of this year I think when my Japanese Language Society went to JLFEST! omgg ! its so mesmerizing xD Truthfully, we not really a good friend or best friend or what, we just ordinary friend but well i dunno how to express it but its a good feeling that everyone coop during that event xD i luv it! so much! We just got the feeling to hold on to each other and support. hee~

Last but not least!

Happy new year to those who read this review and not forgetting my dear family, friends, FIVE, members, ahjushi, and my so-called-useless-husband! I don't mind if these guys didn't read this review cuz, ik im not that important ! xD hahahaha but I honestly want to share my thought here so I dont mind if they dont read xD 

I will cherish you everyone that come into my life ^^ 

Pray , pray , pray and pray. May Allah make our 2k16 more beautiful and meaningful . Amin ^^ 

Friday, November 27, 2015


Hello and how are youuu >.<

First of all, goodluck to all spm candidates! Or maybe its too late? hehe sorry xD

As for today we gonna read abt POSITIVE THINKING. Yeaayyy!
Ok, positive thinking is not bad at all. Ok? You should lead your life with all positive thought n blablabla. Start your day with a positive thought. Inshaa Allah your day gonna be very beautiful  *.*

At some point maybe people will judge you "Why you always think positive eh? You know this will make you sad or blablabla" 

Yass thats right, positive thinking sometimes will lead you to a heartbroken situation or something like that. or eh. hehe

For example; 
When you text someone and they reply late or just give you bluetick. Think, maybe they're really busy at that time or whatever. Its better if you just dont give a f*** thinking about what they do or whatever. Because thinking abt that will lead you to overthink and you will become stress and your mood will be "kelaut"

You know what? erm sometimes when you always think positive yeah maybe sometimes just sometimes k you will be deceived. But i am not telling you to be stupid just think positive. Being positive and being a stupid is something really really different. Dont be mistaken about being positive and being a stupid. If you know someone is really lying to you. You shouldn't go around believing what they said. Don't be stupid. k just don't. If you know someone is lying to you, you should just, "lol, they don't know I know the truth heheh!" Or if you want to give an advice to that someone, just give it, but don't be too emotional over something. Just give an advice and its up to them to listen to you or nah. 

p/s: Eh but dont just go giving someone bluetick when they're talking something really important. Even a positive people will get mad at this point! haha!

Last but not least, dont go condemning someone with a positive mind. If you have a really negative mind thats ok, just live your own life lol xD 

To my dear friends; Five :*,suksesians, members, O.M.G,                     Badarians, my so-called-useless-virtual-husband                     xD